Friday, September 7, 2012

Helping Hands

Today at Friday Five, Martha says:

I hate to ask for help. I love to give it. You may identify with these feelings.

So, for this Friday Five, please list four ways you have been helped when you didn't want to ask for it and one way you had a chance to help that meant a lot to you.

So here goes!

Four ways I have been helped:

  • When I was a young teacher barely out of college, a friend and I went to Big Bend National Park to camp over spring break.  While there, we drove a VERY primitive road in my car and knocked a hole in the transmission case, thereby rendering us totally immobile.  Big Bend is VERY isolated, so there was no way to get it fixed there (which took weeks anyway).  So I had to call my dad, who borrowed a truck, rented a trailer, drove almost 600 miles to the park, loaded up us and my car, and drove us home.  It was a wonderful gift, but you can be assured that I have never heard the end of it!! :)
  •  Almost twenty years ago, I tore up a knee while on a presbytery youth ski trip.  Needed LOTS of help - the ski patrol who got me down the mountain, the youth, the other adult advisors.  One of the most meaningful was my colleague in ministry making the two hour drive to our drop-off point with my Dear Husband so DH could pick up our car and drive me home!
  •  We had a house fire several years ago, while I was serving two small mountain congregations.  While the insurance took care of the big items, there are things that you don't think of.  When we moved back into our house, they gave us a "pounding" and completely restocked our pantry and kitchen supplies!  {A pounding is an old fashioned type of wedding shower or house warming.  In frontier times (and since), people brought a pound of a kitchen staple (beans, flour, sugar, etc.)  to stock the pantry.
  • I have had so much help over the years, it is hard to pick just one more.  My mom and dad, in more ways than can be counted.  Parishioners who have brought meals when sick; prayed us through our adoptions; celebrated milestones with us.  Good friends who have come when called.
 One way I had a chance to help that meant a lot to yme.
  • When my father-in-law was dying, my DH and I took a week off and went to visit.  While we were there, my father-in-law's sisters came from out of state for what was to be a final visit.  Tom and I did the cooking and took care of details so both my in-laws could enjoy the visit. 
Over the years, I have had many opportunities to help, and it is always meaningful to me.  There are those times when it seems like it will be drudgery, but it always turns out to be a blessing.


  1. I've never heard the phrase "pounding," though the concept is familiar. That was a wonderful gift. I enjoyed reading your post, and you reminded me of times when I have been helped when stranded. I think it's time to drop a line to the people who rescued me and express again my gratitude.

  2. I love the Pounding story. So thoughtful.

  3. Thank you for sharing your moments of help. Even though I live in TX, I have never been to Big Bend--someday I need to go there. I liked hearing about a "pounding."